4 Easy Steps In Full

Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up as a member (It's FREE!)- this enables us to verify your details.  Please ensure read and accept the terms and conditions before you sign up.
  2. Send us the details of your product using the request form provided. Products can be either digital or physical. For your digital product, we will set your product for customers to securely download your product after they make their purchase. For physical products, you are required to provide its weight details so we can apply the correct shipping charges to your product. All shipping is done via Australia Post and will be your responsibility. Include a description of the product, any low resolution photos (at least one photo is required). We then review your product’s eligibility and get back to you within 48 hours. All products must be original and copyright of the seller (a disclaimer form confirming copyright ownership must be completed for each product before any work can be sold.)
  3. Upon approval:
    1. We will set up an FTP link for you to send us your digital products, images 100x 80px and information: this includes a brief description, product prices and any copyright information.  If you have a physical product, we also need each of your product’s descriptions, prices and images, however, they can be emailed to contactus@meetingofminds.com.au if the file sizes are not too big.
    2. Please send us a logo 135 x 100px for the manufacturers section; and
    3. A 468x50px banner to advertise your products which will be placed in a random queue at the bottom of every page on the site.
  4. Review your product information on our site before it's live (any corrections will be made then resent for approval), you approve and that's it!

Our fee is a flat 9.5%. This includes the standard PayPal fees and our administration fee. For example: if your product sells for $10 you get $9.05. Our small fee is to maintain the store for security and continuity.
At meeting of minds we manage the store independently; no hidden fees; YOU get the most return back from your product not anyone else.

All transactions are done via PayPal and go to the meeting of minds store account. We require details of your preferred bank account to transfer your profits.  Once a product is purchased, upon receipt of payment and on completion of the 7 day refund period, the money will be transferred to your nominated account minus our 9.5% fee.

YOU are very important when it comes to promoting your product – the more you promote, the more people come and look at your stuff.  If you’d like some help though we have a few things up our sleeve for you: 

We can ‘create’ and ‘design’ your own unique logos, web banners, pamphlets, posters and a heap of other stuff for your product or business. Please email us at contactus@meetingofminds.com.au, let us know what you want and we can work something up for you quickly and easily! 

Or if you sign up as a member we can give you promotional ‘elements’ which include:

  1. One 468 x 50px banner to be placed randomly at the bottom on every page of the site for each artist.
  2. Each product will be featured on the homepage (either in the music player for music or the screen for all other products)
  3. Upon initial upload products will be featured in the “new products for...” section on the store’s homepage
  4. If a customer selects an artist’s product the option to feature other products will appear in the right-hand column.
  5. All artists will be featured in the manufacturers drop-down in the left-hand column of each page.
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